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The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) - Scandinavia

Co-Active Coaching Courses
Oslo, Norway

90mins Online Webinar (free to attend)

Co-Active Coaching Webinar

An interactive exploration of the Co-Active® coach approach.

  • Date: Monday 29th May, 20h00 - 21h30 CEST
  • Platform: Zoom Webinar
  • Hosts: Anne Eggen-Johansen and Cille Saastad
  • The context and content of these webinars is relevant to all geographical locations

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In-Person Events (free to attend)

Co-Active Coaching Introduction

A deeper, more experiential presentation of the Co-Active® coach approach.


If you are new to CTI and the Co-Active model, this event will help you decide whether this holistic, whole-person coach approach is suitable for you.

We'll be giving away one free Fundamentals course - eligible to participants present at each Intro event - winner selected through a 'lucky draw'. Join us for your chance to win a free place, worth 6500.00NOK, to attend this life-changing course.


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Anne Eggen-Johansen CPCC
Anne Eggen-Johansen CPCC Anne Eggen-Johansen is an experienced Co-Active® Coach and workshop leader. She leads professional coach training programs internationally for the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), which is one of the largest and best-respected coach training organizations worldwide.

Cille Saastad CPCC
Cille Saastad CPCC Cille has worked as a coach since 2006, became a CPCC in 2007 and started leading for CTI in 2014. She has also been involved in mentoring and leadership programs, and currently spends most of her time as a career coach working with unemployed people.

Robin Coghlan CPCC
Robin Coghlan CPCC Robin works full-time as Operations Manager for CTI, based in London UK.
As a part-time coach, Robin collaborates with brave-hearted men who wish to evoke the greater expression of their leadership. Men who aspire to be the best version of themselves, who are willing to live in integrity with self, others, and all of life.