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The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) - Scandinavia

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Oslo, Norway

Nick Kettles MA, CPCC, PCC

CTI Faculty; Coach Training, Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach

Nick Kettles CPCCAs a coach and trainer Nick brings compassion and full permission in equal measure, to inspire change makers and executives to face up to our deepest challenge: to express our most authentic self, including those parts which we may have marginalised or found difficult to accept.

As a former national newspaper journalist and published author, he also adds creative flair and guidance to help leaders give voice to their guiding purpose. Nick has pursued a meditation practice in the Advaita Vedanta tradition, for over 20 years, and today is committed to making the art of mindfulness and open presence accessible to the business world to help enhance engagement and productivity.

When not redefining life at full-tilt, he finds retreat in the simple truths of everyday life near the French Pyrenees with his beloved partner and two warrior princess daughters.

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