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Oslo, Norway

Ronnie (Veronica) Clifford MCC, CPCC, TLCC, ELMC

CTI Faculty; Coach Training, Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach

Ronnie Clifford CPCCRonnie is a Master Certified Coach and Leadership trainer Working for both IBM (UK) and Coaches Training Institute (US) she weaves her Corporate and leadership roles together beautifully, thus enabling her to bring the benefits of both roles to the each part of her professional life.

Ronnie has spent 20 years working in Sales, Marketing and Commercial Roles with IBM she spent the previous 10 years working as a Software Engineer. It is her blend of experience and her ability to look at things with a beginner’s mind that really allows her to see things so clearly, she coaches corporate executives and coaches in training and a variety people in between. Ronnie’s passion and hunger for personal growth differentiates her, in her field. Organisational Systems and team coaching is another area of focus where Ronnie has found she can have a huge impact.

Combine Ronnie's passion for personal and professional growth with a real curiosity around belief systems and how they impact our behaviours and then overlay that with Robert Kegan’s work on the Adult stages of development and the leadership Circle 360 Profile. What you are left with is a heady mixture of personal style and professional approach that will change your life, your business and the impact you have in the world! Ronnie leads Coach Training courses all over the world for CTI, training people how to be coaches and how to be the best coach they can be. She also delivers Leadership training and personal development coaching for IBM UK, working at all levels within the organisation to maximise the potential that is available.

Since 2012 Ronnie has studied the teachings of Ancient Earth Wisdom at the Ehama Institute in New Mexico, participating in Evocative Leadership Mastery (ELM), which is a programme for visionaries and experienced leaders. ELM inspires and gives leaders the tools to make a positive and lasting difference in groups, organizations and the world. Evocative Leadership Mastery is a strong, deeply integrated leadership framework, both in philosophy and practice. It brings an enduring wisdom to the challenges many of us face as leaders in the 21 Century. Ronnie is one of the first group of people in the world to become certified in this material.

What is enrolling about Ronnie when you meet her is her Energy, you get a sense of the warm, caring, insightful and generous person that she is and of the emotional range that she has to offer as a human being, a sister, a friend and a leader. Ronnie is never happier when she is with her close friends & Family or singing in the Choir! She loves to keep fit and has competed as an athlete and dancer in former years.

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