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Preparing for your CTI course

Guidelines and FAQ - helping you to have a fun and amazing learning experience.

Is there any preparation work I need to do before each course?
No, however, you will need to prearrange a practice coaching session that will be part of your homework assignment on the second night of each course. Details about this homework assignment is later on in this section, or you can go there now by clicking here...

How much homework is there between the courses?
This is an experientially driven programme with most emphasis placed on in-person and face to face practice. We do not issue formal homework assignments, except for the practice coaching session, and we recommend that you continue practicing your coaching skills at every available opportunity. At the Fulfilment workshop students are issued with the Co-Active Coaching Manual, and we highly recommend you study the chapters relating to each workshop as you progress along your training pathway.

Do I need to bring anything to the course?
Bring some paper and a pen for notes. However, the course is highly experiential so you may not find it necessary to take notes at all.

What should I wear?
The dress for courses is casual. You'll want to be in comfortable clothing that will allow you to sit and move easily. Your best course of action is to dress in layers so that you can adjust with the temperature and level of activity throughout the day.

Can I bring food to the course?
It's a great idea to bring a water bottle and/or snacks for break time. Coffee and tea will be provided throughout the day. If you have special dietary needs, and are not familiar with the eating establishments in the area, you might also want to bring your lunch. If you do bring snacks or food from outside the venue, you must limit your eating to outside the event room. Venues do not allow food from outside of the venue to be eaten in the course room.

Who will be in my course?
Expect your fellow students to show up with a wide range of experience and diverse backgrounds. We think you'll find them to be some of the most interesting, thoughtful and delightful human beings you've met in one place in a long time!

You will have two highly skilled and very engaging course leaders in each course. If you'd like to know more about our faculty please visit our faculty page.

There will also be volunteer Assistants in each of your courses. Assistants are there to support you and the leaders in making the learning experience its best. All Assistants have "sat in your chair," as they have previously completed the course you are taking.


Homework Information

Coaching session with a practice client
On the 2nd night of each workshop we ask you to arrange a practice coaching client, in order to use the skills learned. There is no better way to learn coaching than actual practice.

Who can I ask to be my client?
The best "practice client" is an acquaintance. It's also fine if you don't know the person at all. Please try to avoid asking your best friend, partner or sibling. The assignment will work best if you can be as objective as possible in your coaching. Good examples of choices would be your sister's friend, your next door neighbour, your partner's business colleague, etc.

How long do I need to coach my client?
The entire assignment will take thirty to forty minutes. Please establish a time for the call, decide who will call whom, and at what number.

Where do I coach my client?
You may coach on the phone or in person. Most students find that during the busy course weekend the phone is more convenient.

Do I need to record my session?
No, the session is between you and your client.

What do I tell my client to help him/her to prepare for the coaching session?
The client does not need to prepare. However, if he (or she) would like, you can ask him to think about an area of life where he would like some change, feels stuck or has a goal he would like to reach.

What do I do if I don't find someone?
If you are struggling to find a practice client, please inform the leaders on the first day of the course. They may assist you in finding a client by asking for help from the other students.

Please do make every effort to find a client yourself. If the thought of asking people to be your "client" feels a little uncomfortable or even scary, remember that it is a first step toward letting the world know you are, or are becoming a coach. Stepping through any discomfort you have will help pave the way for you to do the same in the future.

Will I have a similar homework assignment in all of the courses? If so, will I use the same client?
Yes, you will coach a practice client after Day 2 in all the courses. You may coach the same person or a different person each time. There will be advantages and learning with both.

I'm already coaching. Do I use a current client?
We recommend you try someone new. You'll be learning a new model and skills for coaching, and while we expect you'll use these skills with existing clients right away, we want you to feel free to hold this assignment in the spirit of practice. Coaching a volunteer client -- rather than an existing, paying client -- can remove any pressure to perform or succeed.

How will I know what to do during the coaching session?
You'll be learning and practicing a number of new skills and tools on Days 1 and 2. On Day 2 your course leaders will prepare you for the assignment. One of the things you'll learn in the courses about Co-Active Coaching is that you don't need to plan what to do ahead of time. You will rely on your skills, intuition and relationship with the client to guide you.

This assignment is about practice and experimentation. It's not about doing it right or getting it perfect. You can hold it lightly and it can be an amazing learning experience!

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